Edition 6 of the MegaCities-ShortDocs Citizen Film Festival is open officially from January 31st to October 31st 2020.

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Step 1: Register on this web site between January 31st and October 31st and you will receive by email and WhatsApp all information about the festival. Do it as early as possible, in order to get a proper guidance and counseling from our team and increase your chances of making a great ShortDoc.

Step 2: Also before October 31st, once your ShortDoc is ready, you will have to go to shortfilmdepot to upload your film (tutorial)


By registering, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of the contest (link below).

CALL FOR ENTRIES (Summary of the Terms & Conditions)

MegaCities-ShortDocs Film Festival, Edition 6. A festival of short documentary-films that highlight initiatives which seek to bring effective solutions to MegaCities’ challenges and inspire people to take actions to improve the life of MegaCitizens in their MegaCity.

Your ShortDoc film must:

  • show a challenge in your MegaCity (such as transportation, education, refugees, health, climate change, …) and solutions or ideas of new initiatives that could tackle such issues. A challenge that is potentially a theme with social or environmental impact covered by one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations,
  • take place inside the urban area of one existing megacities (1 of the 38 metropolitan areas of more than 10 Million inhabitants: check out the list,
  • last no more than 4 minutes (including closing credits)
  • integrate English subtitles: the subtitles must be integrated to the ShortDoc in the following pattern: Police: Calibri, Normal, 70, in white. Black outline, size 2. The subtitles must be kept on one line only, in the lowest part of the screen.


  • Power of the solution in terms of inhabitants’ benefits and the challenges associated with it. Replicability of the solution.
  • Quality of production and clarity of the messages, relative brevity and capacity for synthesis will be appreciated. The short video pitch should not be perceived as a pure advertising video.
  • Description of the initiative or start-up that proposed the solution and perspective of development (internationally if relevant).


  • 31 October 2020: Deadline to register on our website (link) and to upload your ShortDoc on (tutorial)
  • November: results of the selection process of 15 to 20 nominees by an international professional Jury
  • Mid-December 2020: The Paris Award Ceremony, where the finalists (best ShortDoc Makers among the 15 to 20 nominees) will be invited and the winners awarded
  • December 2020 to end of June 2021: screenings in a selected number of megacities around the world.


(The situation being exceptional because of the covid-19, we cannot ensure the various trips to Paris promised to the nominees of edition 6)

  1. For the Best ShortDoc, trip to Paris and accommodation to attend the Award Ceremony and 1500 euros for the Shortdoc Maker + 1000 euros for  the Initiative Owner.
  2. For the Special Jury Award, trip to Paris and accommodation and 1000 euros for the Shortdoc Maker.
  3. For the best Student, trip to Paris, accommodation and a prize of 1000 euros
  4. For the Best Shortdoc of the “Metropole du Grand Paris” (Greater Paris Metropolis) a prize of 1000 euros
  5. 500 euros for the most inspiring shortdoc from each of 3 Labels, rewarded by a special Jury.


  • Habitat4Good – Promoting Habitat4Good initiatives for sustainable, resilient and livable cities – Film the transformation of your neigbhorhood and the improvement of public spaces to show how we can improve the quality of life for all, notably through tactical urbanism. This Label highlights urban planning, architecture and landscape design initiatives in the broadest sens. Cash reward for the most inspiring Habitat4Good ShortDoc.
  • Tech4Good – Promoting Tech4Good initiatives to enhance social and environmental impact – Technologie can help to build innovative solutions with a positive impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants of these cities. This label rewards ShortDocs that shows the implementation of technology-based solutions  for the well-being of these inhabitants and how we can gradually design Smart Cities. Cash reward for the most inspiring Tech4Good ShortDoc.
  • Covid Label “Re-Action” Highlighting initiatives born during the Corona crisis – Make a ShortDoc from images retrieved from your window, those of your neighbors, or by actors in the field who are engaged in actions of solidarity. It’s up to you to contact them, guide them in their images, put the whole thing together to bear witness to these solidarity initiatives that open the way to the next world ! Cash reward for the most inspiring “Covid Re-Action” ShortDoc.

More details in the Terms & Conditions. Any question, please send us an email to