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Megacities Shortdoc Festival

ShortDocumentaries (4 minute max films) highlighting impactful Social or Environnemental initiatives to inspire new projects.

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Find the list of winners in 2019 Edition here.

2019 Edition – Delhi
Tech4Good Award

Taste of Tomorrow

Will food be grown in soil in 100 years time? This is the question asked in this film, which depicts an innovative and efficient way of growing food, solving numerous issues of common industrial agriculture and tackling the world challenge of Food Security.  

ShortDoc directed by Amit Malik & Ishaan Chawla

2019 Edition – Paris
Greater Paris Metropolis Prize

Espero Farm

This film will take you on a visit of a unique refugee farm inside Greater Paris, where migrants from all around the world become farmers and beekeepers, working towards their own social insertion and the integration of bees and nature back inside the Parisian landscape.

ShortDoc directed by Alix Makhloufi.
Prize sponsored by the Greater Paris Metropolis

2019 Edition – Sao Paulo 
Best ShortDoc Award

Under the bridge

Meet an amazing character, Nilson Garrido, teaching boxe and priceless life lessons to homeless and marginal people under a bridge, in Sao Paulo.

ShortDoc directed by Felipe Moraes.

2018 Edition – Kinshasa
Best Documentary

Bidon Vil

“This short film tells the story of an artist designer and performer who transforms plastic waste that pollutes his urban environment into toys for poor children. It stages sets, models and costumes to entertain, raise citizens’ awareness of the recycling culture and provide free access to the arts in the public space.

ShortDoc directed by Nizar SALEH

2018 Edition – Delhi
Tech4Good Prize

Breath, a democratic right

Air Pollution is now a global threat. Team Persapien is born with a mission to tackle it through scientific innovations.  

ShortDoc directed by Saha Debayan

2018 Edition – Paris
Greater Paris Metropolis Prize

Saved by the bell

The Seine Saint Denis area within Paris’ metropolitan region concentrates a plethora of urban challenges, amongst which education and public health. Our short movie will show how an Aubervilliers-based boxing club can offer way more than a sports class to children.

ShortDoc directed by Alina BEKKA & Laura WOJCIK
Prize sponsored by the Greater Paris Metropolis

2017 Edition – Delhi
Social Prize

Back to the roots

The film looks into the most important issue faced by MegaCities today i.e.”Food Security”. Questions like where is the food grown? Who grows it? How it is grown? Are very important issues which MegaCitizens must understand in order to ensure food quality and security.

ShortDoc directed by Meghatithi

2017 Edition – Paris
Greater Paris Metropolis Prize

Les Débatteurs

Teenagers are getting ready to fight. Not in a stadium or on a ring, not in a fight, nor with fists. But with words and arguments to disarm their opponents. One rule: respect the word of the other.

ShortDoc directed by Julie Chauvin.
Prize sponsored by the Greater Paris Metropolis

2017 Edition – Manila – Urban planning & Social impact

Pasig River Art for Urban Change

Pasig River has long been declared dead. This year, a new approach was initiated by the local government: to turn the river into a kind of gallery for murals to painted on the river’s flood pumping stations. This film follows one artist and a community in realizing one goal.

ShortDoc directed by Janus Victoria.

2016 Edition – Tokyo
Best Documentary

Family Phobia

Nowadays, 13.506 million people live in Tokyo, a populous metropolitan area in the world. Every day, 6.388 million of so called “salaryman” are working in this city.

ShortDoc directed by Chun Wang, student at WASEDA University.

2016 Edition – New York City
Best Student ShortDoc

Reading between lines

One in four New Yorkers struggles to read or write. This is the story of an elderly man learning to read, supported by an organization who helps many others. Literacy Partner is an organization that teach illiterate adults to read in New York City.

ShortDoc directed by Erika Glass and Nokuthula Manyathi, students at Columbia Journalism School.

2016 Edition – Sao Paulo
Final nominee


With the installation of swings under a bridge in São Paulo, we witness a public space revival.

ShortDoc directed by Pedro L. Fillizzola.

2015 Edition – Paris
Greater Paris Metropolis Prize

Peel Good

In Paris, people from the Disco Soupe movement cook with food that remains unsold from supermarkets, to fight against food waste, which is a growing problem in our Megacities.

ShortDoc directed by Léa Cottais; from EICAR (International Film and TV School)

2015 Edition – NYC
New York Prize

The New Face Of Hunger

The New face of hunger is a documentary about hunger. Hunger has no face, race or gender. People want their basic human right to be able to eat.

ShortDoc directed by Chante Graham.

2015 Edition – Paris
Best Student ShortDoc

City of Gods

City of Gods is a visual experience rather than a traditional documentary, that showcases the cohabitation of the dozen of cults and religions inside Paris, far from the political debates.

ShortDoc directed by ChunChun Weckerle, student at EICAR, International Film and TV School.



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Calendar of the Festival

The annual calendar of the MegaCities-ShortDocs Film Festival is (almost) the same every year.

  • January end Opening of the Festival

      The registration platform opens on the website in January and ShortDoc Makers have until October 31st to register. It is extremely important for every ShortDoc Makers to register early in order to get a proper follow-up.

  • January to May Official Screenings of the best ShortDocs from the previous Edition

    In New-York, São Paulo, Lagos, Mumbaï, Shanghaï and Tokyo.

  • October 31 Registration and application deadlines

    ShortDoc Makers have until October 31 to register on this website and to upload their ShortDoc on ShortFilmDepot . It is highly recommended to register online before producing and uploading your ShortDoc.

  • November end Announcements of the nominees

    After a Jury process, the list of nominees to the Paris Award Ceremony is announced.

  • Mid December Paris Award Ceremony

    The awards for the MegaCities-ShortDocs are delivered during the Paris Award Ceremony. The annual Edition of the MegaCities-ShortDocs Film Festival closes after the ceremony.

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You are a megacitizen, but you don’t feel like shooting a ShortDoc?
Write us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with the MCSD team?

You can reach out to us via our website and the email, or via our Facebook page and LinkedIn. We also have some Local Coordinators or Helpers in some MegaCities we could connect you to.

Who could apply?

Applications are open to all individuals. A special prize will be awarded to students therefore we require to submit the student card when applicable.

Where and when will the Paris Award Ceremony (Festival) take place?

The Paris Award Ceremony takes place every year at the end of the year. For this occasion, final nominees to the annual Edition of the Festival are invited by plane and hosted in Paris during the Ceremony.

From and until when can I apply?

Applications require a two-steps process. Step one is the online registration on our website (link), which is open from end of January to October 31st. Once registered, applicants need to go through step 2 and upload their ShortDoc to the Shortfilmdepot platform (link and tutorial) also before October 31st. Although both steps are under the same deadline, it is highly recommended to register online (step 1) long before the deadline, before starting to produce your ShortDoc and before uploading  it, as it will allow you to exchange with our team and get proper advises on how to make a good ShortDoc.

Which are the 38 megacities I can shoot in?

Building on the Demographia World Urban Areas, 15th Annual Edition: 2019:04 report, MegaCities-ShortDocs decided to take into account the following 38 megacities: Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, Seoul-Incheon, Manila, Mumbai, Karachi, Shanghai, New York, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Mexico City, Guangzhou-Foshan, Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Moscow, Dhaka, Cairo, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Kolkata, Buenos Aires, Tehran, Istanbul, Lagos, Shenzhen, Rio de Janeiro, Kinshasa, Tianjin, Lima, Paris, Chengdu, Lahore, London, Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh City, Nagoya, Chenmai, Bogotá.

How can I apply to the contest?

All applications must be done, through our website. Once the registration platform is open, applicants must fill the ShortDoc Maker registration form (name, first name, email address, description of the ShortDoc, the megacity where the ShortDoc was shooted and other personal details) and accept the Festival’s terms and conditions. Then, applicants will have to upload their ShortDoc, a short description and a picture which best represents the short documentary film into a specific digital platform (shortfilmdepot).

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