Conditions Générales de participation au MegaCities ShortDocs Citizen Film Festival


La participation au concours implique l’acceptation de l’ensemble de ces conditions générales (celles-ci ne sont pas encore disponible en français).


is a French non-governmental organization headquartered in Paris, with representatives in some of the megacities covered by the contest.

MC-SD Contest

Téléphone: +33 (0)1 85 15 14 35



To enter the contest, access the “” website and fill in the registration form online before July 31st, midnight French time. You will then receive the process to upload your short documentary film and other components to be proceeded before August 6th, midnight French time.


  • Applications are open from January 1st, 2017 to August 6th 2017 before midnight that day – Paris’ time (UTC+2). The deadline to submit your short documentary film on the platform: is the 6th of August 2017. Please, register on our website: , before the 31st of July 2017.
  • Jury selection will occur between August 7th to August 31st 2017.
  • There will be an online public vote between August 10th, 2017 (midnight Paris time) and September 30th, 2017.
  • The Paris Award Ceremony will occur the October 19th, 2017 at “Le Forum des Images”, Châtelet les Halles. 
  • Festival and screenings will occur in a chosen number of megacities between November 2017 and the end of March 2018. The Award Ceremony in Paris at the “Forum des Images”, October, 19th, will conclude the 3rd edition.


There are two categories of ShortDocs:

  • more than 1 minute long to 4 minutes long maximum (including the closing credits)
  • less or equal to 1 minute long (including the closing credits)

The ShortDoc maker should include in his/her short documentary film at least one of the following themes to be chosen when filling the registration form:

  • Social Initiative : A social initiative is the development of a solution to fulfill a social need. It may include the participation of relevant players such as public, private, academics, and the users themselves. The candidate should show the value of an initiative or solution that meets a public need in a large urban area. The jury will be particularly attentive and sensitive to the following criteria:

– Putting the problem into perspective and showing how it is resolved through interviews with experts, visual data or talking images, to name a few examples.

– The work must clearly illustrate how the solution is relevant to the context.

– The participative nature of the proposed solution through citizens and other communities with, for example, the creation of a social link, a shared vision realized through the involvement of those concerned.

  • Urban Planning and Landscape Initiative: Within this theme, the applicant will highlight an initiative or a solution linked to architecture, urban planning and/or urban design and landscape. Beyond this formal proposal, the jury will be particularly attentive and sensitive to the following criteria:

– The impact on the city dweller – a solution to improve citizens’ direct quality of life through architecture, housing, mobility, accessibility, use of public spaces, and more.

– Environmental issues in urban space – a solution which fosters the maintenance of urban biodiversity, understanding of the urban ecosystem, urban physical and urban mental health, to name a few.

– The landscape’s integration within a community with a solution that includes aesthetic issues, territory enhancement, urban landmark, and identity, for example.

– Social and cultural issues found in the urban divide – a solution that promotes the “right to the city,” integrated and inclusive cities, a solution that bridges the urban divide to highlight the “quality of life together.”

  • Civic Tech and Smart Cities Initiative: Within this theme, the idea is to showcase a technology solution that solves a social issue. For our purposes, Civic Tech is defined as technology used to build successful civic projects for the public good, and Smart Cities are defined as using technology to enhance efficiency; sustainability; responsiveness; livability, urban planning or technology showcases; participation; resilience; economic growth; and better quality of life for citizens. Both definitions imply participation which is a key success factor of the solutions. The jury will be particularly attentive and sensitive to the following criteria:

– The use of technology (mainly ICT) and high tech solutions to improve the city dwellers’ quality of life by enhancing his/her security, mobility or health, to name a few areas.

– Facilitating participation and fostering transparency in the dissemination of information and data.

– New ways to use “old” technologies, new inventions, new applications, all for the good of the many rather than just the few, in resolving significant social problems.

Applications can be made individually or with a group. If you are applying as a group, you must identify the team leader in the “Registration Form”.

Every submitted short documentary film must be self-produced by the DocMaker or his/her group. It can’t be produced by a production company.


-1- Contest Framework

  • Purpose of the Short Documentary Film

The spirit of MC-SD’s contest is to outline a specific urban challenge AND existing solutions or possible answers or new ideas of perspective of solutions in megacities which could inspire the MegaCitizens community to kick off new projects, by duplicating or adapting the solutions they have seen, to the local needs of the megacity they are living in.

Short documentary films can’t only broadcast megacities’ challenges.

  • Filming scenery

Filming must take place inside the urban area of one of the existing 38 MegaCities (metropolitan areas of more than 10 M. inhabitants). MegaCities: Tokyo, Jakarta, Delhi, Seoul-Incheon, Manila, Mumbai, Karachi, Shanghai, New York, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Mexico City, Guangzhou-Foshan, Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Moscow, Dhaka, Cairo, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Kolkata, Buenos Aires, Tehran, Istanbul, Lagos, Shenzhen, Rio de Janeiro, Kinshasa, Tianjin, Lima, Paris, Chengdu, Lahore, London, Bangalore, Ho Chih Minh City, Nagoya, Chennai, Rhine-Ruhr.

  • Classification inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The MCSD team will classify each short documentary film with one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed and adopted by the United Nations in 2015, as part of their new sustainable agenda. We intend to contribute in achieving, at our level, their goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all.

Source: United Nations SDGs

-2- Mandatory Components

Here is the list of elements that the DocMaker need to upload on the shortfilmdepot web platform (

  • write the short documentary film title (30 characters maximum) in the appropriate field and write its description (less than 300 characters). This summary will be considered in the final evaluation.
  • the short documentary film must be uploaded with a high-quality thumbnail (JPG picture format 1600×1200) that best represent your subject. This picture might be used and published for general public release.
  • the short documentary must have integrated subtitles in English. The font used must be: Gill Sans Bold and the size: 60 (ideally in white with black contours).
  • the short documentary must include closing credits with the following information: DocMakers’ name, year of production, participants, stakeholders and location. Also mention the “initiative holder” presented in your short documentary, if any. When formal information is provided (statistics, data, quotes…), make sure to check the source and to mention it in the closing credits.
  • you short documentary film should not be older than this date: 1st of January 2014.
  • the DocMaker must add his student card or certificate (when applicable).

-3- Where and how to upload your ShortDoc?

Once your ShortDoc is done, you will have to upload it on the shortfilmdepot platform: Be aware that uploading your ShortDoc will cost you one stamp (shortfilmdepot’s means of payment) of 1.50 euros excluding tax to 3 euros excluding tax, depending on how many stamps you buy (x1, x5, x20, x50)).

On special circumstances, you may apply for reimbursement. Your inquiry must explain the reason of your claiming, attached the shortfilmdepot invoice and must be sent before August 15th, 2017. The MCSD Team will do its best effort to send you the money back through western union money transfer.


Be aware that a short documentary films sent after August 6th, 2017 (before midnight that day Paris UTC+2) won’t be accepted.

The selection process will take place from August 7th to August 31st, 2017. The objective is to identify the best short documentary films selected by a professional jury and by MegaCitizens through an online vote. The 15 (*) selected short documentary films would then be broadcasted during the Paris Award Ceremony and the local events in other megacities. During local events, the 3 best local short documentary film could also be broadcasted.

Public online vote will occur from August 10th until September 30th .

The voting will take place on the MC-SD Youtube channel. MegaCitizens can vote for each short documentary film by attributing them a “like”.

A voter can only vote once for a given short documentary film and the “dislike” button won’t be taken into account for the votes. The short documentary with the maximum amount of “likes” will be awarded as the Public Prize (with the agreement of MC-SD 2017 jury who is given the right of approval). To avoid any fraud, if the Jury don’t validate the 1st Public Prize, the second short documentary film with the highest amount of likes will be Awarded (previous years, the Jury always validated the Public Choice).

Please note that Youtube is our partner of MC-SD in 2017 edition but only host the short documentary film and contest. Information about YouTube Community Guidelines.


-1- Quality (esthetics) of the production and clarity of the message

The image, the sound, and the subtitles will be evaluated as well as the artistic and creative angle.

-2- The power of the proposals and solutions and its replicability

The realism of the shown proposals and/or existing solutions and its impact on the megacity and how it helps improving life of the urban dwellers will also serve as main criteria.

-3- Thumbnail, title and description

The title and description given will also be considered. The title must not exceed 30 characters and the description 300 characters, space included.


15 to 20 short documentary films are selected by a Jury of experienced film-makers and documentary professionals, representatives of NGO, urban planning specialists and experts in the technology field (as well as others local stakeholders). These 15 to 20 short documentary films should be screened at the Paris Award Ceremony and could also be screened at local events. The selected DocMakers must send a second version of their short documentary film without subtitles to adapt it for each screening (indicators will be sent using a file transfer application). Subtitles in other languages might be added by the MC-SD team.

Moreover, the selected « ShortDocMakers » will receive these awards:

  • “MC-SD 4 min Award” for the more than 1 min long and no more than 4 min long short documentary film and 1000€.
  • “MC-SD 1 min Award” for the less than 1 min long very short documentary film and 1000€.
  • “MC-SD Student Award” and 1000€ for the most talented student. The winner will be within the top 15 ranking and selected by the Jury.
  • “MC-SD Public Award” and 1000€. The winner is chosen mainly through Internet voters on the platform depending on how many people voted for their short documentary film and the given notes (decision to be agreed with the jury). This award represents 1000€.
  • “MC-SD Métropole du Grand Paris Award” for the best short documentary from la Métropole du Grand Paris and 1000€.

In addition, a prize will be awarded to the best short documentary film relevant to the following categories:

  1. “MC-SD Prize for the best social innovation initiative”: 1000€. An additional 1000€* Prize will be given to the initiative holder. 
  2. “MC-SD Award for the best “urban planning and landscape” initiative”: 1000€. An additional 1000€* Prize will be given to the initiative holder.
  3. “MC-SD Award for the best “Smart Cities and Civic Tech initiative”: 1000€. An additional 1000€* Prize will be given to the initiative holder.  

The Jury will select 6 short documentary films from the TOP20 selection. If two ShortDocs won the same award or prize aexequo, the money amount will be divided equally in two.

*For the prizes, the 1000 euros will only be given to non profit initiatives. If it is a single person, he/she will have to send us a proof that the money is used for his/her initiative or project.

The Jury will select the 6 best short documentary films from the TOP20 selection. Those selected DocMaker will be invited to the Paris Award Ceremony (§): prize consist of one plane ticket per DocMaker from megacity of origin, where the film was filmed to Paris to assist the Festival ending the 19th of October and 3 nights in a Parisian Hotel (Oct 19th, 20th and 21th – plane arrival Oct 19th and plane departure Oct 22th). For a Parisian DocMaker, the reward would be a trip to New York with accommodation for 3 nights to join the local screening.

(§) Added Clarifying note : the Jury selection for the invited ShortDoc Makers are the SD markers awarded for the Awards a-b-c & the Prizes 1-2-3.
Those ShortDoc Makers receive an email invite prior to the Paris Award Ceremony and need to proceed the needed administrative tasks to get their visa on time. No claim will be addressed to MC-SD in case the winner of the invite can’t get his/her visa, and the flight and hotel nights will not be compensated.

To get their Prize, the invited DocMakers are asked to shoot a part of their trip to Paris MCSD film festival. The film will be broadcasted on our social network (we don’t request a full film).  The film must be more than 1 min long and no longer than 4 min long and must be sent before the end of the year 2017.


Video contest Terms and Conditions of March 31st 2017

MC-SD Administration has a right to modify the mentioned information anytime. In case of changes, the new information will be posted on our website. It is the responsibility of the participants to stay informed about possible changes (would be highlighted in blue). MC-SD Team will inform you of any change by mail.

Any information collected by registering to enter the contest shall be used by MC-SD only in a manner consistent with these Official Contest Rules.

By accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that MC-SD neither made, nor are in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied in fact or in law relative to the prize or to any portion thereof.

If for any reason, the promotion is not capable of running as planned, including without limitation, any suspected evidence of tampering or technological corruption or if any portion of the contest is compromised by a virus, bugs, worms, fraud, strikes, terrorists acts, criminal acts of third parties, an insufficient number of qualified entries, or any other causes beyond MC-SD control which in MC-SD sole opinion, corrupts, threatens or impairs the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the promotion, MC-SD reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the contest at their sole discretion.


  • Participant declare that his/her short documentary doesn’t violate the rights of any third parties or doesn’t promote content that are of a violent, pornographic or libelous nature, more specifically, racist, xenophobic, pedophile, unhealthy or communitarian. Essentially, nothing detrimental to human dignity. No encouragement of criminal offence, war, crimes or crimes against humanity will be tolerated.
  • Each submitted short documentary should not encourage the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol drinks, drugs or any other prohibited products.
  • Participant declare that his/her short documentary film does not counterfeit from an industrial or intellectual property right or copyright, as an original work, a brand or a logo, neither mentioned any content subject to copyright and intellectual property right such as trademarks, photos, logos and banners without the prior approval of the owner. Participant certify that he/she has obtained all the publicity right to any persons who could be identified in the video.
  • Participants declare that they hold all the copyrights, intellectual property rights and all other types of rights, or the authorizations required, for the film to participate in the MC-SD competition and for all other rights granted to MC-SD under the terms of the present regulations. Consequently, participants guarantee MC-SD against any claims, demands, suits, and actions taken against it by third parties on any grounds whatsoever. Participants undertake to guarantee, compensate and hold harmless MCSD against any expenses, in particular, expenses and fees related to court proceedings, and direct or indirect damage, as well as any sentences imposed on MC-SD or payment resulting from a settlement signed with the plaintiff. In addition, participants are reminded that failure to hold the rights and authorizations required for the film to participate in the MC-SD competition and for all other rights granted to MC-SD as referred to in the present article, may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties as provided by the law.
  • Participant declare that his/her short documentary film comply with any current legislation and regulations in effect.

If MC-SD team identifies a non-compliance with these conditions, the short documentary film concerned will be disqualified from the contest. This decision belongs to the MC-SD judgment and if unfortunately, the short documentary film is disqualified, MC-SD’s team is committed to explain the non-compliancy reason to the DocMaker.


Participants give MC-SD free permission to reproduce and broadcast clips of the selected films presented in the Festival on terrestrial, digital, cable, satellite and ADSL television channels and on Internet sites. Any film could be displayed in the same format or only part of it (a% of the total duration). They can only be used as part of stories covering the Festival, TV or Web programs and interviews and/or promotional trailers or advertising for the Festival current or future editions. Permission for using these clips is granted for a 4-year period, starting on the date of submission of the film and is renewable by tacit agreement, unless terminated by recorded delivery mail at least 6 months before its term.


Failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions may result in disqualification from the Contest. MC-SD Contest Administration reserve the right to permanently disqualify any person it believes has intentionally violated these Terms & Conditions. Contest is subject to all country and local-city laws and regulations.


These Terms & Conditions are ruled by French law. Jurisdiction of French courts.